Twitch – CutieCakeBot – Commands List

🍵 Channel Currency: CAKE 🍵

🌱 !cake
> Displays Currency / Rank / Time
🌱 !commands
> Information Command List
🌱 !games
> Fun & Games Command List
🌱 !music
> YouTube Music Playlist
🌱 !spam
> Spam Commands List
🌱 !sfx / !sfx2
> Kawaii / Dashing Sound Effects (Cool down every 60 seconds.)

🍵 How To Earn Cake 🍵

🍃 10 Cake per hour in chat (1 cake every 6 minutes.)
🍃 Play the Bake Off minigame. Guaranteed win! (Cooldown every hour) To play, do “!bake #” where # = the number of cake you wish to put in. Capped at 10 cake / game.
🍃 Be active in chat during a pay active (happens at the start of a stream and during breaks.)
🍃 Join in the CCB Party Guessing Game when Devi decides to host one! As soon as you see it in chat, do “!party <#>” where # is a number between 1 and 10. Guess correctly and you’ll earn 10 cake! (More than one person can guess correctly…)
Welcome to the Devi Games! Each season, viewers can compete to see who can collect the most amount of cake before the end of the month. Whoever is in the TOP 3 earns a free prize! Their choice of either 4x small stickers or 1x small photographic art print from the shop! | Stickers | Photographic Prints (Note: At the start of a new month we reset the currency back to 0 to give everyone a fair chance!)

Note: Starting for the month of August, 1st place of the Devi Games will receive their choice of a super prize! Either a standard coffee mug, small pillow (with insert) or a small poster! 2nd and 3rd place will still be for winners choice of either a set of 4x small stickers or 1x small photographic art print.