Twitch – CutieCakeBot – Commands List – Giveaway Info – Marshmallow Madness

šŸ’œ CutieCakeBot šŸ’œ

CCB helps to run the channel! From giveaways to providing answers for frequently asked questions. Below, you’ll find a list of the most commonly used commands as well as an explanation for our ranking system! If you have any FAQ’s, ask one of the mods during a live broadcast, and they’ll be more than happy to do a command to answer your question with the help of CCB.

šŸ’œ Ranking System šŸ’œ

Ranks increase the more you watch DeviCat when she is live! Rank levels are: Crumbs, Slice, Half, Cake, Double Layered & Triple Layered! You start as a Kittencake and work your way up to: VanillaCake, ChocolateCake, LemonCake, PumpkinSpiceCake, StrawberryCheeseCake & BirthdayCake! To check your rank, do the !cake command.

šŸ’œ Cake / Games šŸ’œ

Here’s the Breakdown!

āœØ Do !cake to see what you have.
āœØ Lurk and earn 1 cake / 6 min (or 5 cake / 6 min when active in chat) during a live stream (AND if you see CutieCakeBot when the stream is offline!)
āœØ Give cake as a gift! Just do !give username #
āœØ Guessing Games: Do “!party #” where # is the number you’re guessing between 1 and 10.
āœØ Bake off: Gamble your cakes! Do “!bake #” where # is the number of cake you want to bake.
āœØ Tournament: Battle it out! Do !joinarena to join a tournament when you see one start!
āœØ Cake resets to 1 at the beginning of a new month.
āœØ Ask a mod to see who’s in the top 10.

šŸ’œ Commands šŸ’œ

āœØ !cake
> Displays Rank / Time / Cake
āœØ !commands
> Information Command List
āœØ !games
> Fun & Games Command List
āœØ !spam
> Spam Commands List

šŸ’œ Daily Giveaway Information šŸ’œ

āœØ 4x Small Stickers.
āœØ 1x Small Photographic Art Print.

See our shop here.

Giveaway every $50 USD in TIPS during a live broadcast! Winner may choose 1 of the options written above.

ā™” Giveaways can stack! Ex: $100 tip = 2 giveaways ā™”

ā™” Everyone can join. Sub or not, follower or not ā™”

ā™” Everyone can win as many times as they like ā™”

ā™” Do a !ticket command when a giveaway begins ā™”

These are original creations from our channel. Open for all to join! Please make sure to be following CutieCakeBot so whispers will enable to receive your claim form. Prize winners will receive an email of confirmation from HallwayRaptor when their gift is on it’s way and can take on average can take 1-3 weeks before arrival (Upon when the confirmation email is sent.) We hope these creations will help put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Thank you for your support!

šŸ’œ Marshmallow Madness Information šŸ’œ

This is a special event we do monthly for our live broadcasts in order to celebrate our Twitch Partnership monthiversary. As each month goes by, we’re trying out new things to make it a more fun experience for everyone.

Currently, here is what you can expect for our next celebration:

āœØ Scheduled: To Be Announced…
āœØ Sale in our ShapeWays figurine shop during this time frame.
āœØ Special custom cheer emotes.
āœØ A scheduled super giveaway for each of the three days at 6:30pm EST.

šŸ’œ Super Giveaway PrizePool šŸ’œ

āœØ 1x Unisex Tshirt
āœØ 1x Small Poster
āœØ 10x Small Stickers.
āœØ 1x Small Photographic Art Print.

Please note: Super giveaways are capped to 1x winner per month. As in, everyone is allowed to win up to 1x super giveaway in the same month.

See our shop here.

šŸ’œ Cake Prize šŸ’œ
As a way to say thank you to those who lurk / actively chat, Devi will do a special raffle that requires cake to enter. 1 cake = 1 ticket. Maximum number of tickets per person is 2500.

Current prizes:

āœØ1x handwritten thank you letter
āœØ1x surprise sticker
āœØ2x Devi branded pin back buttons

Next scheduled Cake Prize Event is: Dec 31st, 6:30pm EST