Twitch Beginner Tips

These are personal experiences I have had being a full time broadcaster that I wish to share with people who are seeking to develop and grow with respect to themselves and their community.

Watch this video by Day9TV. I cannot recommend it enough be it for first time streamers or current streamers.

When first starting out, use the bare minimum equipment that you need! Be it for gaming or creative.

Visit other streams that you genuinely admire. Take note of how they choose to glamour their streams (their overlays, mini games, twitch info panels etc.) Make friends with them. Be respectful to the broadcaster.

Read channel rules. Every stream is different from another. When entering a stream, always make sure to read their channel rules to understand their guidelines for their community.

Be willing to learn. Try something till it works. When it stops working, try something else.

Be consistent. This has to do with everything. Your standards for your stream, your quality and content your provide on stream, your stream schedule, everything.

Be patient. Some people grow faster than others. There’s always a bigger fish in the sea. Don’t let jealousy be your judgement with how you conduct yourself.

Ignore trolls. Stay focused on what matters and your direction for the channel. Teach your mods and your community to 100% ignore them, and over time, trolls won’t even bother or if they do it will be at least less often over time.

As time progresses, ask yourself these questions: 1) How can you have your audience give feedback or share their thoughts? 2) How can you give your audience recognition? 3) How can you make your audience aware of what they can do to support you?