Twitch Subscriber Benefits


🌱 Custom emotes you can use in any Twitch channel.
🌱 Subscriber badge.
🌱 Immune to ads.
🌱 Spam without being purged by the bot.
🌱 INSTANT access to our sub only channel in discord for Devi’s original downloadable high quality wallpapers.

πŸ’• $4.99 Tier 1: All the above, gifts 1 subscriber point to the channel.
🍰 $9.99 Tier 2: prestige devicatLOVES emote. (Also gifts 2 subscriber points to the channel.)
πŸ’Œ $24.99 Tier 3: prestige devicatLOVESTAR emote, a handwritten thank you card & prestige pin-back button from DeviCat herself! (Also gifts 6 subscriber points to the channel.)

Note: Tier 3 subs will be checked for by the 30th of each month and then contacted via Twitch messages from Devi_Cat with your gift claim form! Due date to claim is by the 5th of the new month. If no form is filled, it will be deemed as not claimed for the month it was qualified. As such, please make sure your messages are enabled to be able to claim your gift! If you think you missed your message from Devi, please send an email with your Twitch username so she can send you your claim form. Thank you cards & pins will be sent out in the second week of the new month accordingly.

Additional Notes: The default card will be based off the DeviCat Love Renew Design, but we will try to switch it up for special occasion! Ex: Lita Pumpkin & Candy Corn Chii for Halloween, etc.
Please make sure to be clear as to which button is your first and second choice from what we have available. These gifts are sent out first come first serve, but we will do our best to meet your request based on our inventory.

Samples of Card & Buttons Below…