Goals / Milestones

🍵Personal Goals / Milestones🍵

Art Events
🌱 To be announced….

Moving Investment
✅Goal achieved: Because of the leverage, you the community, have been able to give us, the debt may not be paid off, BUT, we now have a sound and solid budget we can work with. Because of this, we no longer feel the need to keep the number displayed publicly. Things change from month to month. Sometimes there’s more expenses. Sometimes there’s less. But we have confidence to believe that the debt is no longer an issue. Once we do officially have this debt gone, we’ll make sure to update / announce this. For the mean time, thank you so much for believing in us and for helping our channel to grow so we could become sustainable.

A little background about this: We moved to our current location to expand the streaming / art business and gain more exposure.

Marriage with HallwayRaptor
✅Date is set for October 8th, 2017!

Streaming Equipment Goals
🌱 2x New sets of pin-back buttons for our Tier 3 sub gifts! (Approximately 120 buttons & $65 USD in total for the investment)

Twitch Sub Goals
🌱450 sub points: 1 new emote.
🌱500 sub points: 1 new emote.

Convention Goals
🌱 To be announced…