Goals / Milestones

🍵Personal Goals / Milestones🍵

Art Events
🌱 Coloring Book Page for Create For Kids

Moving Investment
🌱Remaining Balance: $3500 USD
Next update: August 5th

– June 5th balance: $4700 USD.
– Started May 5th: $5600 USD.

🌱Goal: Have this paid off by my birthday this year. (November 19th)

We moved to our current location to expand the streaming / art business and gain more exposure. We are very thankful to come this far, and every little bit will help pay this off.

Marriage with HallwayRaptor
🌱Summer 2017

Streaming Equipment Goals
🌱Wacom Comic Intuos (Replacement tablet for my current one, aiming for end of July to order it.)
🌱Computer Chair

Twitch Sub Goals
🌱300 subs: 1 new emote.
🌱350 subs: 1 new emote.
🌱400 subs: 1 new emote.

Convention Goals
🌱 To be announced…