Twitch Channel Info


CCB helps to run the channel! From giveaways to providing answers for frequently asked questions. Below, you’ll find a list of the most commonly used commands as well as an explanation for our ranking system! If you have any FAQ’s, ask one of the mods during a live broadcast, and they’ll be more than happy to do a command to answer your question with the help of CCB.

Ranking System

Ranks increase the more you watch DeviCat when she is live! Rank levels are: Crumbs, Slice, Half, Cake, Double Layered & Triple Layered! You start as a Kittencake and work your way up to: VanillaCake, ChocolateCake, LemonCake, PumpkinSpiceCake, StrawberryCheeseCake & BirthdayCake! To check your rank, do the !cake command.


Cake / Games

Here’s the Breakdown!

Cake Prize Bundle Giveaway

As a way to say thank you to those who lurk / actively chat, Devi will do a special raffle that requires cake to enter. 1 cake = 1 ticket. Maximum number of tickets per person is 2500.

Current prize bundle includes:

Please note: Bundle giveaways are capped to 1x winner per month. As in, everyone is allowed to win up to 1x bundle giveaway in the same month.

We value your privacy. Therefore, information received from giveaway winners is specifically for sending out their gift and nothing more.