♡Deviant Category♡
To deviate from the ordinary.

►Twitch Partnered Streamer◄ ■ Speaker / Community Leader / Artist ■

I’m a self taught digital illustrator, and a full time Twitch Partnered broadcaster. Here, we encourage the ideals of positive community through creativity and determination.

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Future Goals / Milestones

HallwayRaptor, the lovely who works behind the scenes to help make this stream be able to run full time and managing the community.

About DeviCat
Name: Rachelle (Most people call me by Devi)
Streaming on Twitch since: May 28, 2015
Partnered on Twitch since: July 5, 2016
An: Artist / Speaker / Community Leader
Self Taught: Traditional Art (all my life) / Digital Art (1 1/2 years)
Interested In: Being able to help inspire and change the lives of those that I come in contact with.
♡Married to:♡ HallwayRaptor
Favorite Hobby: Nature Walking
Favorite Games: Atelier Series / Hyperdimension Neptunia
Favorite Drink: Sparkling Strawberry Juice / Peppermint Tea
Favorite Anime: A – Channel
Awards / Accomplishments:
– Animaritime Art Contest 2017, 1st Place.
– Featured on Twitch Front Page (Anime Spotlight): October 26th & November 2nd 2017.

Our Symbol

The rainbow and the wings / antlers are the representation of: The freedom and wisdom to accept everyone and the freedom and wisdom to be accepted by everyone. It is what we stand for and hope to inspire in others.

A Little Background Of Our Roots

I was given the opportunity to start streaming full time back in May of 2015 because of my husband HallwayRaptor. Back then I was going through major life chapters; my dad had passed of cancer in March of 2014 and during this time frame I found myself to be fighting symptoms of PTSD from past verbal abuse. Originally, before I started on Twitch, my healing began with writing blogs on this website, taking dance lessons, doing odd little jobs like house sitting, and watching a lot of Day9TV (Mostly Walking), Markiplier, and ManlyBadAssHero before I was introduced to the wonderful world of Twitch. And even when I began doing this full time, I had no idea what I was doing. We started from the ground up as a tiny variety channel, knowing no one, my husband working his day job to help take care of us. And over the course of the past couple of years we’ve moved provinces, got married, upgraded our equipment, improved our quality of content, and over all evolved into a professional full time channel. Our motivation comes from wanting to inspire others to work through their personal obstacles by setting a positive example ourselves. Our long term goals are to become financially independent so that we can become investors and one day do amazing things such as creating foundations or charities.

To this day, HallwayRaptor now works alongside me at home to help manage this. It’s a team effort, be it with Raptor and myself, our mods and this community. We cannot thank you enough for these opportunities, and every day we are doing our best to give back and pay your kindness forward.

💕Thank you for believing in us.💕