September 26, 2017

September 26th, 2017 – Twitch Update – Giveaways & MarshMallow Madness!

Hey everyone! In anticipation of new growth, we are getting ready for the next step in expanding with our live broadcasts and giveaways.

Starting on Wednesday’s broadcast we will be doing the following:

The tip bar and cheer bar will be capped at $100 / 10,000 bits. Once either goal is reached we will do a super giveaway! Winner will get to choose either 1x tshirt / 1x small poster / 10x small stickers or 1x small photographic print. That means if both bars fill, we get to do up to 2 super giveaways. If 1 fills, we do 1. And if none fill we do none. Either way, once either are filled, that bar is capped and no more giveaways are stacked for that live stream.

Part of the reason we are doing this upgrade is so we can include a bigger giveaway option. It’s also so we can keep value in our gifts and not make them so common with inflation. This will mean that giveaways will be more rare but they will have higher value to the winner.

Other side effects this will help with is with Raptor not getting burnt out on sending out giveaways 24/7.

In other news, because of this we will be able to do a bigger giveaway for Marshmallow Madness. When we reach the sub goal of 10 new subs (or at the end of the stream) we will do a poster giveaway. Winner will get to choose whatever size poster they want (up to size large) and will also win a hand written thank you card + pin back button from me (a gift that’s normally only for our Tier 3 subscribers!)

One of the changes we did recently as well was sticking with the 5 hour scheduled broadcasts instead of always doing over time for 6 hours or more. This in turn will help in the long run to keep me from being burnt out.

As always, our priority is to improve the quality of the broadcast and the rewards for the community for your support. With these new changes, we’ll be able to combat any past issues we learned over time. Including, being able to keep up with growth.

Note: Devi Game rewards are still as follows, read here to find out about prizes!

Thank you for your unconditional support, and for keeping the dream alive! See you all soon! <3

Edit: Additional Notes for upcoming broadcasts!

Starting immediately, our commands have been refined to improve the quality for the broadcast. As such, a majority of information based commands have been migrated over to mod only. To find out current commands, please do !commands, !games & !spam to see the current ones viewers can use.