September 22, 2017

September 22nd, 2017 – Blog Update – Excitement & Relaxation

Hi everyone! Happy Friday to many and happy Saturday to some! This is a tad bit early in the day for me to be writing a post like this, but I wanted to take the time to go over some Twitch channel updates as well as some things that had been on my mind.

Over the past 2-3 weeks there has been insane growth for the channel. A lot of it has to do with the timing of the year combining with things like the Twitch #SUBtember sale. In regards to this specifically, we’ve grown over 150+ sub points during this time frame. This, quite frankly, is nuts. As a result, we’ve been able to not only unlock more emotes for the channel, but introduce future rewards we will be doing for our Tier 3 subscribers. In a nutshell, here is what you can expect for the most current updates:

– New emotes including: devicatCAKE, devicatPOW & devicatGIFT
– Thank you cards instead of postcards + prestige pin-back button for Tier 3 subscribers.

In regards to the new emotes, our initial idea was to have our last slot be reserved for seasonal emotes. However, after we decided to release the devicatGIFT emote, not only did I realize how much you guys like the emote, but how much I enjoy it. I personally feel it’s a true representation of our channel. Not only for the giveaways we’re known for doing, but just because we’re known for doing our best to give back and share the gratitude as much as we can. As such, for now I’ve decided that I want to keep this emote with the others until further notice. If something comes up and we decide to swap out for a special occasion, this is always a possibility now as Twitch has a new feature for partners where as long as you’re in good standing, you can swap out emotes instantly and freely. For the mean time, however, if we want to do seasonal / festive things, we can always swap out our 1 & 100 bit custom cheer emotes for the occasion so we don’t have to touch our sub emotes. This also being said, as we unlock more emotes over time, we’ll continue to have more flexibility. And I have no doubt in my mind with the kind of growth we’ve had that this will definitely happen.

In regards to the Tier 3 gifts, we have something special we’re going to be doing starting this month. Instead of the postcards we had done previously, we’re doing to be doing thank you cards. Why’s this? 1) I’ll actually have space to write a proper message now instead of squeezing it into a tiny space (also include one of my business cards when in stock). And 2) We’re now going to be including a exclusive pin-back devicat sub emote button with your card.

At the moment, the devicatLOVESTAR & devicatBUTT are currently being shipped to our location. We plan on ordering two more sets of devicatCHII & devicatCAKE next month. The plan is that these pin-back buttons are going to be for Tier 3 subs only (You’ll be able to choose in order which one you’d like most when you claim your gift, we will do our best to meet this request! Ex: 1st choice, devicatCHII. 2nd choice, devicatBUTT, etc) As for the cards themselves, the DeviCat Love Renew will be the main print, but we will do our best to release special cards from our redbubble shop for the season (for example, Lita Pumpkin & Candy Corn Chii for Halloween.)

For anyone who had been to the most recent broadcasts, I’m aware that this blog post is a little different to what was verbally mentioned on air. But part of the reason why I wanted to write this is because I realized something: I’ve been getting burnt out.

First off, I want to say: don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. In reality, this is a good burn out. We’ve had substantial growth, and in reality I’ve just been trying to keep up with it all. Keeping our graphics current, music, our tshirt shop, our art and gift shop, social media, etc. It only occurred to me after the broadcast last night just how tired I was. And with the big day coming up for Raptor and I (for those who haven’t heard, we’re getting married on October 8th) I really want to be able to relax and enjoy myself. Sometimes I forget my own advice that I share with friends and colleagues. I forget to enjoy the journey. I forget to only do things because I feel inspired. I forget the important things like my happiness and my health.

So, I want to say “thank you.” You guys are what makes who we are who we are. You guys are what helps us to keep going. You guys are the ones that help to keep the dream alive. But in order for the dream to be kept alive, I have to take care of myself too. And that’s also about knowing when to slow down, stop and smell the flowers. 🍃

I’m looking forward to rolling out these updates for our community, and most certainly looking forward to our next broadcast. 💕

Keep being awesome, I’ll see you guys soon.