September 2, 2017

September 2nd, 2017 – Twitch Updates – SUBATHON, Marshmallow Madness, Prize Updates!

Hey everyone! This is an official announcement for our up coming monthly event: MARSHMALLOW MADNESS

SCHEDULED FOR: Sept 9th – Sept 11th

MM was an event we used to hold every month in celebration of our Twitch partnership. We had to stop this for a while, but we’re bringing it back, and here’s what we have in store for you in regards to changes / upgrades!

🌱 This will be a 3 day event with a 1 day subathon goal inbetween.
>> Day 1: Saturday
>> Day 2: Sunday (Subathon Goal)
>> Day 3: Monday

🌱 During all 3 days, we will have the following:
>> A 20% discount in our Teespring tshirt shop.
>> Custom bit cheer emotes including party hats, gift boxes and marshmallows.

🌱 During the Sunday Subathon, we will have:
>> A subgoal of 10 new subs to trigger a free tshirt giveaway from our Teespring shop.
>> Strawpolls containing suggestions from our mod team for future doodles / creations for our art print and tshirt shop!

This month is our 15th monthiversary! How crazy is that? And what’s even crazier are the current promotions happening on Twitch!

Recently, Twitch announced a charity event! Starting on September 5th and ending on September 19th, Twitch will donate $2 for every 1,000 Bits cheered with the hashtag #charity to Extra Life up to a maximum of $200,000. Every Bit cheered using the hashtag counts toward the total.

Twitch is also doing their own sub promotion! From September 6 through October 2nd (11AM PDT, 9/6 – 11:59PM PDT, 10/2), the first month of any new subscription to our channel is half off for the new subscriber. We will still get the same payout as if the subscription was purchased at full price and after one month, the recurring subscription will return to normal price. This is perfect timing for our subathon! So if you know anyone who hasn’t subscribed to our channel yet, feel free to mention this!

In regards to new changes for the channel as a whole, here is also what you can expect:

🌱 We are no longer having daily sub goals. Instead, it’s now just for our monthly celebration for marshmallow madness.
🌱 We increased the value of the Devi Game prizes! First place wins their choice of either a standard coffee mug, a small pillow with insert, or a small poster from our red bubble print shop. 2nd place wins their choice of tshirt from our teespring store. 3rd place wins their choice of either 4x small stickers or 1x small photographic art print from our red bubble print shop.