August 21, 2017

August 21st, 2017 – Twitch Update – Monthly Marshmallow Madness

Hi everyone.

I wanted to give a big thankyou for everyone who was able to come out to our first ever subathon last night. There was a lot of laughs, many doodles and so much more. We were able to learn a lot too and feel re-inspired to retry old things. This blog post is a follow up for all this and what the community can expect in the near future:

♡ The wallpaper with all the doodles is available to download for subs in discord.
♡ We are currently not planning for future sub doodles.
♡ There will not be a weekly subathon as originally planned.
♡ Instead, we will have a monthly marshmallow madness event, where we get to celebrate being partnered on Twitch for “x” many months.

Why are we doing this? Heres what to know:

Last night, I learned from all the hype and consistent drawings that I couldnt juggle chat as I normally can. I dont like that. I want to be able to drop what I’m doing to be able to talk with you guys like I normally can when I’m drawing / painting. It was also a lot of hype in general. By the end of the stream I was exausted as if I had just done a 12 hour broadcast. With the fact that we applied for front page of Twitch, I can’t have another weekly event stacked on top of this.

Now in regards to “Marshmallow Madmess.” A little channel background history. When we first got partnered we used to call our subs marshmallows (as we had a little emote for it as well, some of you may have seen the free to use FFz version of it now.) And every month we had celebrated our monthly partnership for the subs. We had to stop this for a while due to IRL circumstances, but now we are taking that tradition back and doing the following:

♡ Every month we will pick a day for Marshmallow Madness.
♡ On that day we will have our special edition Marshmallow, Party Hat, and Gift Box custom cheer emotes.
♡ The subgoal giveaway will be increased to a super giveaway, winners choice of either 1x coffee mug, 1x small pillow or 1x small poster.

This way it gets to be a little bit of a special day with a little planned excitement but I can stay focused on my work and stay focused on you guys.

Thank you again so much for being open to trying the new things! We are very excited for what’s to come with these new updates. 💕