August 17, 2017

August 17th, 2017 – Twitch Updates – Weekly Sub-a-thons start this weekend!

Hey everyone! This is a special announcement for our Twitch community.

Starting this weekend, August 20th 4pm EST (Sunday) we are going to be doing a weekly subathon! What it will entail is this:

Every Sunday will be this special event where every brand new sub and every re-sub will trigger a “MANY SUBS ONE DOODLE” event. Where, everyone in chat gets to pop out a 1-2 word suggestion. Out of all the suggestions, I get to take my favorite combination and make a fast doodle on the spot. All the doodles will be put together on one canvas and turned into a wallpaper for subscribers to have.

This will not only benefit growth and discoverability for the channel, but it will encourage everyone to participate and gift a little gift for subs there after.

This will also help me as I’ve been trying to come up with new simple designs for teespring / redbubble. We may be able to take potential ideas from this and turn them into new prints for the community and to help branch our and bring more people in from different platforms.

As a special addition, we would still do bonus giveaways for every 5 new subs. We would also have special cheer emotes for 1 bit, 100 bit and 1000 bits (including an animated party hat, party gift box and floating marshmallow)

Thank you for taking the time to read this update! Very excited for what’s to come with all of you. šŸ’•