May 19, 2017

May 19th, 2017 – Goals / Milestones

Hey everyone! I’m writing this blog post today to give the community a heads up for goals and milestones we’re aiming for, and changes we’ve made for things planned.

As it is, our channel has been growing fast, and with this upcoming summer we expect it to not be slowing down. This is excellent and we’re looking forward to making all the new friends we will in our broadcasts; and, as time goes on, do the best we can with our time we are sponsored for (making new amazing wallpapers for subs, new original prints for prize winners to choose from and so on.) Ever since the new Twitch subscription beta, we’ve grown from 160 sub points to 250+ This is INSANE, and it truly reflects on how much the community wants to see us succeed, and we are incredibly thankful for this growth. As it is right now, we’re still doing our best to pump out new ideas for emotes to be ready for them as we unlock the slots. And just recently, we did upgrades to our channel mini games to encourage more interaction and increase the fairness of rewarding our community members. As time goes on, we will be keeping our promise to continue increasing our rewards and our gifts to you as our way of saying thank you for all the support you’ve given us.

In regards to future plans, Raptor and I had a discussion and I decided it was best to cut down on some of the future convention plans we had. We were originally planning to go to FanExpo as well as Twitch Con on top of everything else, but it occurred to me that this was too overwhelming to do in a short period of time. As it is, we are planning our wedding (just waiting for Raptor’s wedding ring in the mail, and my dress) for as soon as possible, and we are guarenteed to go to Animaritime, taking place here in Fredericton New Brunswick. But once both things are set and done, our main goal is to keep growing our channel and finish paying off our moving debt (as this was our last big investment for the channel.) So to be clear, we are not going to Fan Expo or Twitch Con 2017.

💕Thank you for your understanding.💕

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