May 16, 2017

May 16th, 2017 – Twitch Updates – Currency / Giveaways & More!

As of today, we’ve done an overhaul over our channel in an effort to continue making everything as fair as possible for our supporters. See below for a list of the following changes you can expect for future broadcasts!

🌱 Everyone (viewers, subs, mods) earns the same rate of currency. 1 cake / 6 minutes (or 10 cake / hour) of a live broadcast.
🌱 Bonus currency: Earn extra cake by being active in chat whenever a live broadcast starts, and during Devi’s breaks!

🍵Bake Off🍵
🌱 Cap has been increased from 5 to 10.
🌱 (Winning ratio)To Vanilla cake: 1 baker (20% winning). To chocolate cake: 3 bakers (40% bonus winning). To Lemon cake: 6 bakers (60% bonus winning). To Pumpkinspice cake: 9 bakers (80% bonus winning). To Strawberry cheese cake: 12 bakers (100% bonus winning).

🍵Sound Effects🍵
🌱 Free for everyone.
🌱 60 Second cool down.

🍵Cheers / Bits🍵
🌱 Bonus currency for chat has been removed.

🌱 ALL GIVEAWAYS ARE FREE TO ENTER (When a giveaway is open, just do “!ticket” to join. Equal chance for everyone!
🌱 Saturday scheduled giveaways removed.
🌱 Sponsored giveaways (every 5000 bits / every $50 USD in tips)

🍵Devi Games🍵
🌱 The Devi Games are a seasonal event we will do every month. At the beginning of each month, cake (currency) is reset to 0. Whoever is in the TOP 3 for cake currency by the end of the month earns a free prize from our print shop! Choice between 4x small stickers or 1x small photographic art print!